Carol, Recovered

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For sixteen years, Carol Aird and Therese Belivet have enjoyed successful New York careers, anchored by their strong, loving bond. Their comfortable relationship is suddenly tested when old unresolved issues erupt. The couple must confront difficult mother-daughter relationships—Carol with her estranged daughter and Therese with her despised mother. This novella, a transformative sequel to Patricia Highsmith’s Carol, brilliantly carries on the story that has captivated millions as Carol and Therese struggle to recover what has been lost. 

This novella is in manuscript form and will be published in 2065 when the copyright to the original Carol expires. Until that time, this manuscript is for private review only, with comments and suggestions welcome.

Sinister Paradise

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A suspense novel set in Greece, this gripping tale follows lesbian classics scholar Britt Evans as she inadvertently discovers illegal activities on Santorini after a photographer plunges to his death from the island's steep cliffs. As the criminal investigation intensifies, so do Britt's feelings for Cassie Burkhardt, a free-spirited computer programmer at the archeological dig. When Cassie is abducted, her survival hinges on Britt's resourcefulness and courage.

Madwoman Press, 1993, 222 pages.

Fertile Betrayal

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In a rural Minnesota town, lesbian veterinarian Nedra Wells tries to get to the bottom of a deadly virus in the cows on a struggling farm. Trouble looms on the home front as well, when Nedra's lover Annie Callahan wants to leave her high school teaching job and return to urban life. Both complications lead these likable characters --and the valuable livestock -- to an unexpected resolution.

Madwoman Press, 1995, 240 pages.