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Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence

Out of print for years, this explosive international best-seller is back, with a new foreword analyzing the unprecedented impact of Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence on the lesbian community and on mainstream culture. In new afterwords, the co-editors reveal how the book came to be and what happened when, for the first time in history, a lesbian book from a small publisher went mainstream.

Each nun in these stories describes her individual and searing path in, or out of, the convent to discover and face the truth of herself. Still myth-shattering, the stories remind us of the courage required to live—and love—in congruence with our authentic selves.

"Oblivious to the controversies that surrounded the initial publication of Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence, whether they originated within the Catholic Church or the lesbian feminist movement, thousands of readers across the decades have embraced the book and found their lives changed by its message of empowerment."
Joanne E. Passet, Ph.D., Professor of History, Indiana University East

A Holistic Nurse's Journey to a Conscious Death, Green Funeral, and Miraculous After-Death Messages of Hope

This award-winning true story shows an authentic and inspiring final journey -- from Diane Manahan's breast cancer diagnosis, to her conscious death at home, to a simple, deeply meaningful eco-friendly funeral to her extraordinary, life-changing after-death communications with loved ones.

People who seek a holistic approach to dying can learn from this extraordinary nurse's wisdom. Those who fear death
can gain strength and confidence by having tools to help others—or themselvescomplete their lives with dignity, purpose, and peace.

Diane's story embodies the wisdom of Tuesdays with Morrie, the humor of The Last Lecture, the holistic medical expertise of Andrew Weil, and the transcendent spirituality of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. 

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