Nancy Manahan & Becky Bohan
Authors and Activists

Taking the Wheel: How to Be in the Driver's Seat
for Your Final Journey

Many people with a terminal illness want to die at home and experience more control, dignity, and peace during their final weeks and days.  But often they and their families don't know how.

This presentation offers information and inspiration through the example of Minnesota State University Professor Diane Manahan, R.N., M.S., who approached her death as passionately and as consciously as she lived her life.

Workshop Goal:

To increase the confidence of participants in dealing with end-of-life challenges and in empowering themselves or others to be in active agents in their final journey, from diagnosis, to death, to funerals, and beyond



  • Recognize complementary and integrative modalities that can support physical, emotional, and spiritual health at the end of life
  • Understand the benefits of beginning hospice care earlier rather than later
  • Develop strategies for planning for death, completing one's life, and leaving a legacy
  • Explore options for after-death care and family-directed/green funerals 
  • Discuss comforting after-death contact with loved ones 

Workshops are one to three hours. Longer presentations include small group work, more detailed information about home funerals and green burials, and additional inspirational and instructional stories.

Fee: $500 for a one to three-hour workshop. If we can offer books for sale, the fee will be reduced to $300.