Nancy Manahan & Becky Bohan
Authors and Activists
Audience -- Who Will Be Interested?
This book is poised on the cultural cutting edge. As baby boomers deal with the deaths of parents and friends as well as face their own mortality, they are searching for answers. Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully delivers…with spirit and love.

People who will be particularly drawn to this book include—

* Nurses and doctors, especially those in integrative medicine, palliative care, and hospices. Diane’s story models a way to blend allopathic and nontraditional medicine to enhance the quality of life of a cancer patient. The authors will be speaking at professional meetings and conferences of the American Holistic Medical Association and American Holistic Nurse’s Association.

* Anyone interested in complementary medicine. An appendix describes the entire nontraditional approach Bill and Diane used to so effectively enhance Diane’s comfort and energy, enabling her to continue to teach, travel, and maintain an active social life. Another appendix, written by Bill Manahan, M.D., explains all current healing modalities, everything from acupuncture and chiropractic through homeopathy and bodywork to psychoneuroimmunology.

* Hospice caregivers, patients and their families, social workers, and chaplains. As the book explores end-of-life issues, it shows how to face death with dignity and grace. Diane’s determination to leave a life completed, not tragically cut short, can serve as a model for others dealing with similar journeys.

* People wanting to live intentionally and with spirit. This book models how one woman lived with extraordinary consciousness and grace, nurturing her spiritual growth, and living respectfully with others and the earth.

* People living with cancer who want a nonviolent model for dealing with their illness. Although she had chemotherapy, Diane chose not to wage a “war” against her cancer, but to live with it, an uninvited companion on her journey. Her path can be a model for those choosing a nonviolent approach to illness.

* People who want to be an active agent in their dying process. Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully shows how Diane planned her last days and made her death a sacred time for family and friends. Diane determined who would take care of her body and how the community would celebrate her life. The supplemental guidebook gives step-by-step directions on many of the crucial decisions that must be made.

* Families and friends of the dying who want to know what to do. Diane’s story illustrates how a community can support someone who is dying. In addition, the guidebook includes practical information for families caring for a loved one before and after death.

* People looking for stories that affirm the continuation of spirit. Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully will appeal to the audience of popular television shows like Medium, readers of books about communications from the other side such as Dr. Janis Amatuzio’s best-selling books, and anyone looking for deepening spirituality. The accounts of communication with Diane after her death are astonishing testimonials to the possibilities of life after death.